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Cryptocurrencies (or “crypto”) are digital currencies that are not controlled by any one governing body, like a government or a bank. Crypto is ushering in a new era of the internet that’s decentralized, community-driven, and community-owned. This emerging technology will plug you into a revolutionary global community—and it all starts with setting up your wallet.

Even if you have a wallet and create an account on a marketplace, this does not necessarily mean that you  have access to start minting NFTs.

We are already verified and can act as your direct outsourced creators for NFTs. This in mind, there are a couple important terms to learn.

ETH is the cryptocurrency used for all transactions on the Ethereum network, and it’s the currency we use on Foundation. All of the NFTs on our platform can be purchased with ETH. Creators get paid in it, too.

MetaMask is a digital wallet that is specific to Ethereum. There are other wallets available, but most NFT marketplaces use MetaMask. It’s connected to your web browser as an extension where you can hold and spend ETH. You’ll need to connect your wallet in order to participate in the marketplace.

NFTs ("Non-Fungible Tokens") are one-of-a-kind tokens that represent a unique good or asset. They can be sold in auctions for collectors to bid on or purchase, and the sale of NFTs unlock new revenue streams for creators or to protect and verify personal assets.

Minting an NFT is how digital art becomes a part of the Ethereum blockchain –a public ledger that is unchangeable and tamper-proof. Similar to the way that fiat money coins are minted and added into circulation, NFTs are also assets known as tokens that get “minted” once they are created. Digital artwork is represented as an NFT so it can be purchased and traded in the market and digitally tracked using smart contracts as it is transfers again in the future.

Are you ready to get started?

Sign up for Coinbase, a secure platform that makes it easy to buy, sell, and store cryptocurrency. Note: The process for verification on Coinbase can take up to 14 days. 

1.) Head to www.coinbase.com and click “Get Started” to set up your account.

2.) Set up your account, including verifying your identity.

3.) Connect a debit card or bank account so that you can get verified and purchase ETH.

Get ETH the cryptocurrency used for all transactions on Ethereum on Coinbase. 

4.) Once you’ve set up an account and your debit card or bank account have been verified, you can purchase ETH on Coinbase. (When you connect a debit card, you can buy ETH immediately. If you connect a bank account, you can also purchase ETH immediately but it can take up to 15 days for the balance to appear in your account.)

5.) Click “Buy / Sell,” and select “Ethereum.”

6.) We recommend purchasing a small amount of ETH to start. You'll need ETH in your wallet to pay for the transaction costs so you can mint an NFT.

7.) Click “Preview Buy” to confirm your order and then select “Buy Now” to complete the purchase of ETH. You now own ETH. Coinbase will notify you when it’s available to send to your wallet, which can take between 2-15 days.

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