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April 15, 2021

Visionary Launch Countdown

(Mint Pending)

Visionary Launch Countdown (Mint Pending)

Art for people who organize and operate business businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so. NFTs show the highs and lows of entrepreneurial life.

Receive original files w/ additional remastered mp4  with purchase  including:

·   Link to a print-ready high-resolution image file will be unlocked on purchase (2048 x 2048 pixels).

·   MP4 File Format w/ sound (4KHD)


Hoff is a digital artist on the Ethereum Blockchain giving creative tribute to entrepreneurship, the cosmos, and global unity. He creates unique single and multi-edition NFTs. Only 1000 unique HofftheRecord pieces will be created. During this journey, Hoff intends to innovate and advocate for NFTs broader application in everyday life.

This project is inspired by the visionary spirit and all are welcome here.


Hoff mints all original work on the and OpenSea platforms.

You can request a custom NFT artwork from Hoff for any concept, dedication, or vision by simply emailing him here: (24-hour response guaranteed ✅)

You can visit Hoff’s Collection of work:


Visionary Launch Countdown

Because art games are games and because games are interactive, definitions for the art game tend to require interactivity whereas video game art can be either interactive or non-interactive.

We are ready to collaborate with forward-thinking people like you


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We are ready to collaborate with forward-thinking people like you